Why a cinema room could be perfect for your property

When it comes to watching a movie, nothing beats the experience of seeing a film on the big screen. However, heading out to the cinema isn’t always an option, particularly if you have a young family or have to factor a lot of travelling into your plans. There’s no need to miss out on that big screen experience though. DM Electrical Essex has made a name in the industry as leading specialists in home cinema and Savant home installations in Essex. We’ll work with you to create a stunning entertainment space in your home, so you can kick back and watch a film whenever it suits you.

We’re experts in home cinema installations

We have plenty of experience when it comes to home cinema installations in Essex and surrounding areas including London, and we will work with you to deliver a space that meets the needs of you and your household. We’ve worked in spaces of all sizes and dimensions – and our home cinema installation experts will be able to tailor their services to meet your exact needs.

Home cinemas are the ultimate status symbol, and will also make your home much more attractive to buyers if you did decide to sell, allowing you to command a higher price. No wonder we’re seeing more and more demand for them!

Professional cinema installation for homes in Essex

A dedicated home cinema room will allow you to experience films as they were meant to be watched, from the comfort of your own home! We create bespoke systems for our customers, using a variety of screen types, incorporating high quality audio, immersive surround sound, high-definition visuals and cinematic lighting to really make you feel as if you’re watching a film in a cinema.

We’ll use the latest technology to ensure that you can customise every last detail of your home cinema experience. DM Electrical Essex will work with you from the very beginning, helping you to come up with a plan for your space that is both practical and within budget – all without sacrificing on your vision. Whether you want hidden speakers or reclining cinema seats, we’ll ensure that all those special details are included in the final plan. We will consolidate all of the controls of all the components in your home cinema into one remote control. You’ll be able to control the lights, the temperature, and many other things with nothing more than a tap of a button – putting you firmly in control.

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