The Lutron System Installations That Property Owners Recommend

Are you looking for the best Lutron electricians Essex has to offer? Then allow us to introduce ourselves.  We are DM Electrical Essex Ltd, and we are a leading supplier, installer and maintenance provider of Lutron systems in Essex. We have almost a decade’s worth of knowledge working with both the Lutron Quantum and HomeWorks QS ranges. We also have specialist knowledge of Lutron’s shading systems.

Suitable For a Variety of Properties

Our Lutron system installations Essex specialists design, specify, programme and install Lutron systems in residential and commercial properties. This can be in a single room, across a whole property, or even an integrated solution for a large multi-occupancy building development. So there is a solution to suit every client.

Our Lutron Home Automation System Team Will Work to Meet Your Needs

We can integrate Lutron solutions with multi-purpose control systems such as Savant, Nest, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and SONOSm – to name but a few! Our in-house programmers work with each client to design and develop bespoke solutions which provide them with complete control of their home, office or hotel room, combining the control of lighting, blinds/curtains, security and entertainment.

Our Lutron System Installations Essex Products


If you want to control lighting in a single room or across a smaller property, the GRAFIK Eye QS is perfect. It controls both electric light and daylight. At the touch of a button it adjusts lights and shades, whether they are screw in LED bulbs or EcoSystem LED drivers.


HomeWorks brings together the best in class dimming technology, fixtures and controls for window coverings and shading solutions. You will be able to take advantage of:

  • Automating your blinds or curtains
  • Personalising your lighting to suit the current situation, or set it to shift in accordance with sunlight levels
  • Occupancy/vacancy sensors to automatically control your lighting. You can control this when you are away from home via your smart device
  • Combining the above with voice control commands
  • An 8-year warranty

Lutron Keypads

We can specify and install all keypad solutions available, including Lutron’s innovative new HomeWorks QS Palladiom range of keypads. These allow the control of lights, shades and HVAC from one location.

Lutron Shading Solutions

We install and specify Lutron’s range entire range of shading systems including retrofit and wireless solutions, Roman, Venetian and roller blinds, and drapery.

What Our Lutron Electrician Essex Team Offer

Bespoke controls that work for you

We design each Lutron system to suit the specific needs of each client in Essex. You can control your Lutron system via Lutron’s own app, or with another system such as Savant, Creston or AMX.


Our experienced programmers tailor the programming of each Lutron system to meet the individual requirements of each client, configuring lighting levels to achieve the perfect luminosity for every occasion.


As well as supplying Lutron products, our Lutron home automation system Essex team install the systems all over the county.

Excellent aftercare

Once installation is complete, we provide a demonstration to each client to ensure a full understanding of how to operate the Lutron system and really get the most out of it.

Our in house aftercare team are also on hand to support you whenever you need, ensuring your total satisfaction. So why not get in touch today?