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We’re DM Electrical Essex, and we specialise in installing data network in systems Essex. Working with a range of clients across the county; we tailor our services to meet a variety of needs. Our data network system installation service includes carrying out all of the works necessary to make your data network as effective and efficient as possible. No matter the scale of the job or the layout of your property, we will be able to help.

Why It’s Important

So what is data cabling? Otherwise known as structured cabling, network cabling, or Ethernet cabling, data cabling forms the backbone of your network infrastructure. Because it’s hidden away out of sight, it’s quite easy to underestimate just how important it is. However, if you haven’t invested in your data network system, all of your tech will be underperforming – and the money that you have spent could ultimately be going to waste. So it’s vital that yours is performing as well as possible.

Essex Data Network Systems

There are three kinds of data cabling: Cat5e, CAT6, and fibre optic. If you’re unfamiliar with data network systems, choosing between them can feel like an impossible task. That’s where we come in. We’ll break down what the difference between the three types of network cabling are, so you can make the choice that is most suitable for you and your property.

So what exactly is the difference between Cat5e and CAT6? This is something that we’re asked a lot. To put it simply, CAT6 cabling is faster. With CAT6 structured cabling in place, you will be able to transmit much more data than if you were using Cat5e. Today, it’s the recognised standard for all data cabling network installations. It is slightly more expensive than Cat5e, but it’s an investment that many feel is worth making.

Unless you are adding to an older network and mixing the two standards would outweigh the benefits that CAT6 would offer, we’d always recommend investing in it.

Fibre optic is a term that you have probably heard before – and until quite recently, it was only used by large corporations or installed in buildings such as schools and hospitals. Replacing copper cabling with fibre optic is cost-effective and could save you money in the long run.

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We’ve been in business since 2011, and during that time we have been able to help a wide range of clients. We’ll talk to you about what you are looking for, and we’ll then point you in the direction of the data cabling that is most appropriate for you. Our engineers hold all of the necessary qualifications to install data network systems safely, and work in full accordance with all UK rules and regulations. They will ensure that things are up and running as quickly as possible.

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