If you are interested in adding a Savant home automation system to your home, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you love to entertain or want to keep energy bills to a minimum, this is a system that can really do it all. As the experts in savant home automation Essex, we’re here to tell you everything that you need to know and why you should invest in one.

What is a Savant system?

First of all, what is a Savant home automation system? It’s a smart home system that was launched in 2005, and ever since then it has revolutionised the way that people live. It’s become the home automation system of choice for so many property owners, and it’s really easy to see why. A Savant system can be used to control heating, blinds, home entertainment, speakers, and lighting. As it brings together so many aspects of a modern home, it’s the perfect solution for those who are looking for a home automation solution that can cover all bases.

It’s easy to use

A home automation system like Savant is there to make your life easier. If you’ve never used a system like it before, the concept can be a little difficult to get your head around – and you may wonder if you’ll be able to get to grips with it. We can confirm that you’ll definitely be able to, whether you’re a seasoned gadget lover or a total technophobe. The system is made up of a hub, a touchscreen remote and a lamp control device. All of the separate components in the system are connected by Wi-Fi. The remote works via Bluetooth, which means that you can point it in any direction and it will work! This remote will control your TV and other entertainment systems, along with whatever lighting is connected to your lamp control device.

Control it wherever you are

You don’t even have to have the remote with you if you want to control your Savant home automation system. You can set out what you want it to do using voice control, giving you total hands-free control of the system. If you are out of the house and want things to be just how you like them when you return, then you can also control the system using a smartphone app. When it comes to how you choose to control what your Savant system does, you’re the one who calls the shots.

Can be integrated with other systems

One of the things that makes Savant home automation systems so popular is that they can be integrated with many other systems. If you’ve been put off of having a Savant system installed because you already have some kind of home automation solution in place, don’t worry. If you have any games consoles, speaker systems or entertainment solutions such as Apple TV, it will work seamlessly alongside them. Just think of it as the final finishing touch that your home has been crying out for.

Quick, straightforward installation

Tempted to add one of these innovative home automation systems to your property in Essex? Then you will be pleased to know that installation is quick and easy.

As Savant home automation Essex specialists, we will be able to work quickly and efficiently to get your new system up and running. We’ll work closely with you, and listen to you when you tell us what you need from your Savant system.

Some of our clients want full home automation, while others just want their lights and their heating to come on at a certain time. Whatever it is that you need, we’ll program it in for you so that you can benefit from your Savant system right away – and we’ll make sure it’s fully integrated with any other systems too.

Get in touch today

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